Simplify scheduling and inform student of wait times with an online calendar system. Students can quickly and easily set up appointments via the Internet 24 hours a day and automatically receive an email/text confirmation for each appointment made. They can access the online calendar to view wait times, avoid long waits, and plan visits when waits are the shortest. They can also receive email or text alerts of appointment openings while busy elsewhere on campus.


Upon arrival, students approach a self-service touchscreen kiosk where they select a language, verify their appointment time, or if without an appointment, select a type of service. They then receive a ticket with a ticket number and are directed to a waiting area. The system automatically adds them to the queue and notifies the staff of their presence.


Digital signage can be placed in the student services waiting areas to inform and entertain the students while they wait. Student Flow Management information like next ticket number served and wait time keeps students informed of their position in line while media like a DVD or PowerPoint presentation can entertain or inform them of announcements, campus events, and more.


Clear Direction

When a member of student services becomes available, they call the next student in the queue. The student’s ticket number appears on LED displays in the waiting area and an audio unit announces the ticket number to further ensure that the student’s attention has been captured.


Easily transfer students between service departments regardless of the distance between locations, while continuing to track student and transaction information, and department and staff information throughout the process.


The Qmatic system tracks statistical information like student arrival time, wait time, and duration of visit; number of students per service category; and number of walk-ins and no shows. This information is available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Reports presenting this information can provide vital information to appropriately staff high traffic services, review employee productivity, and evenly distribute the workload.


Analyze system generated data, including historical data, to uncover trends and benchmark employee and organizational performance. Software is deployed across the entire organization allowing for a real-time view of the operation.


Advertise and up sell in campus bookstores using digital signage. Drive sales with marketing campaigns shown in strategic locations to promote books, school supplies, computers, apparel, and more.

Manage Traffic

Manage and speed up check-out traffic with a Call Forward System, which creates a fair and orderly process, and with barriers that maximize space while directing the flow of student traffic.