Banking by Appointment

Make it fast and easy for customers to schedule in-branch appointments.

Qmatic Banking by Appointment provides a stand-alone booking solution as well as integration to third party solutions to support your specific needs. Our solution can be extended to incorporate mobile applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Creates an exceptional customer experience
  • Streamline Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Improves up- and cross-sell opportunities

Mobile Queuing

Give your customers the right service at the right time.

Customers choose what service they want, find the closest office offering that service and place themselves in the queue – virtually. They can even choose the branch with the shortest waiting time. They don’t have to wait in line, but can wait anywhere doing other things while “waiting”. When it is their turn, or a defined time before, they are called through their mobile to be served. This will not only create a positive experience for the customers, but also balance the demand for service between the offices as customers can choose where to go, based on the present waiting time.

Customer Journey Communication

Maximize your up- and cross-selling opportunities with effective in-branch marketing.

The storyboard in Customer Journey lets you plan your messages and review the whole customer experience on one screen; you plan the ideal experience before it happens.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient delivery of relevant and personalized information in-branch
  • Improved up- and cross sell opportunities
  • Better use of staff, due to possibilities to match service demand with the right advisor