Click & Collect

Satisfy customers and drive sales.

Click & Collect connects the online and physical world, creating a unique and consistent experience through the complete customer journey – from the online shopping all through the physical store.

Store Self Check-In

Know you customer’s needs – before they enter your store.

By using a loyalty card at the entrance to check in, you can identify the preferences of your client as well as earlier activities in store and online. They will be guided to the most knowledgeable and prepared staff, who will be able to respond to their specific customer needs – making the experience outstanding and consistent through all channels.

Mobile Queuing

The mobile app that saves time and drive sales.

Let the customer find your store using a mobile app, which they then use to select a service, placing themselves in the shortest virtual queue. While in queue, customers have the freedom to browse your store, and will get notified of their turn from their device.

Mobile queuing will not only create a positive experience for your customers, but also balance the demand for service between the offices, and drive sales.