Intro 17

The largest self service kiosk in our range.

The Intro 17 features a single unit aluminum and glass design. With a capacitive wide range 17″ touch screen, it hardly requires any pressure to use. The software is fully flexible and can stay up to date with any Qmatic system, and if you have a Qmatic Solo solution, all your settings can be quickly retrieved.

Intro 8

Flexibility in a convenient size.

The Intro 8 is great when a larger kiosk is not needed. An 8 inch high capacitive touch screen with a completely new modern design provides the same feeling as smart phones. It has low power consumption, for examples if 1000 tickets are printed per 24 hours, then it is in idle mode 23 hours and 44 minutes.

With a high flexibility in a number of services and languages, the Intro 8 also has a key lock, and standalone (Solo) or larger (Orchestra) system. It can be installed on tables, walls or pedestals.

Intro 5

Simplicity in a convenient size.

The Intro 5 is ideal when you prefer to display a limited numbers of service choices or information.
It has low power consumption, back light buttons, a key lock, and an efficient way of exchanging service names attached to the buttons. With a standalone (Solo) or larger (Orchestra) system, it can be installed on tables, walls or pedestals.