Change the way your business operates.

Orchestra 7 is a modular, scalable and world-class platform for customer journey management where you only pay for the value you need. Always knowing that Orchestra can grow with you over time, and as your ambitions develop. From elegant queue management systems, to a full customer journey solution with integrated business analytics, Orchestra can provide your business with precisely the tools you are looking for.

Think of Orchestra as the perfect fit for your customer journeys, creating rich experiences for your customers, rewarding work environments for staff and deep insights and business value for your organization.

Find Your Solution

Orchestra 7 gives you a lot of choice.

At each step, you choose modules based on your needs today – with Trica there to guide you and answer any questions. Then, after you’re up and running and already seeing a return on your investment, you can explore further modules to fit your future plans.

Qmatic, Trica and our network of other trusted partners come with more than 30 years’ experience, over 65,000 successful installations around the world and over 2 billion customer journeys handled each year. Through all this, we’ve learnt a thing or two about delivering the most valuable solutions to customers as well as a simpler, more comfortable buying process designed around your needs. So talk to us and let’s see how Orchestra can help.


Allow your customers to connect with your service in the multi-channel world.

Queuing is a fact of life. When it is managed it’s a business opportunity. Qmatic Mobile allows your customers to connect with your service in the multi-channel world. Your customers will be happier with a serving process that is fair and clear — and that even offers directions. You will be happier because your process will be more cost effective and you will soon find that you can serve more people with less resource. With our mobile framework you can easily create your own app or integrate to your existing apps.

Appointment Solutions

Let your customers schedule appointments online and smoothly move from check-in to service.

Scheduling capabilities fully integrate with queuing and self-service check-in modules within Orchestra and other third party online systems to streamline each customer journey. From the moment someone books an appointment, you are informed to select the best employees and resources to handle customer volume and needs.

BI & Smart Apps

Capture and present data over time periods you define to allow you to see at a glance the health of your business. Raw number or performance against KPIs can be reported. Parameters can be compared and calculated to make reading as straightforward as possible.

The Analysis module provides you with a tool to find the drivers and answer the question “why?” The tool is designed for both ad-hoc use and incorporation into standard regular output channels

See at a glance how your business is functioning using the Dashboard capability. Dashboards can contain multiple graphs, charts, tables and other indicators to highlight key performances.

Digital Signage

Context Marketing

When we set about designing the Orchestra Digital Signage solution we knew that the value of communication is in the messages and creating content is a challenge. So the last thing you need is another challenge just getting the messages onto your screens. Our solution had to be as simple to use as possible. Orchestra’s digital signage and the Context Marketing Planner solution is unique in that it gives you control of all the surfaces in the branch and not just the big screens on the wall. This allows you to build up your message in stages for greater impact. What is more; messages can be tailored to customers based on their service selection ensuring the right messages are targeted at the right customers.

Customer Feedback

Our Customer Feedback solution gives Orchestra users a way to measure the customer experience and compare it with the data captured during the customer journey. It gives the customers a relaxed and safe way to provide feedback when it best suits them; immediately after the visit, on the journey back home or in the evening.

IT Standards

Orchestra uses leading-edge enterprise IT standards. This use of the latest and most open standards guarantees the future-proof capability of the system. Orchestra works on the most common, up to date and open world-class standards. That means that it’s designed to work for you.