Solo is proven through thousands of installation and it is a simple, powerful and stand alone system that:

  • Organizes queues and provides management information
  • Easy to install, stand-alone and no need for a PC
  • Ideal for branches with multiple service categories and basic needs and
  • Allows central monitoring of branches using the central software Qmatic Management Portal.

Mobile Notifications

By using Solo Mobile it is possible to generate e-mail messages and alerts to both staff and customers. Setting up Solo towards SMS gateway makes it also possible to send SMS to specific receivers.

Users provide contact information (e.g. Phone number in the kiosk) and then they will be able to keep their place in the queue and get alerts when it is their turn.


Qmatic Solo collects and reports on activity such as number of customers served, the services requested and how long they had to wait. With Solo Statistics it is possible to analyze this information to make operational improvements. It is also possible to report to a central management information system.

Digital Signage

Solo fully supports the usage of LCD screens to show queue information in combination with other messages. It is possible to display text, images and video, as well as information from the Solo. Using Solo in combination with the Qmatic media player Cinematic further enhances the digital signage capabilities. It is also possible to integrate queue information from Solo to third party digital signage solutions.