Business Intelligence

business intelligenceBeing able to access, visualize and analyze all customer journey data enables you to make information-driven decisions that can have a positive impact on your business and help deliver a higher level of service to your customers. By integrating with every piece of your customer journey, the fully web-based, advanced Business Intelligence module generates comprehensive, up-to-date insights you need.

The flexible, scalable solution is built to work within the Orchestra platform. It supports third party integration and offers customizable dashboards for an accessible source of useful, actionable information about how well your operations are working.

Access, Visualize and Analyze Customer Journey Data

The integration of third-party Business Intelligence tools means you can access, visualize and analyze important information regarding your business operations. This will lead to a better understanding of the customer journey and help you deliver a better customer experience.

Make Information-Driven Decisions

Providing your staff with powerful applications for Business Intelligence will give them the information they need to make fast, information-driven decisions.

Improve Operations and Your Business

The support of vital business operation data, such as the utilization rate of your customers will help improve efficiency. Being able to identify and eliminate congestion points in the customer journey will lead to faster, more efficient customer service.

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

As information about each customer visit is stored, you will be fully aware of your customers’ opinions regarding your business. This will help you better understand their needs and increase satisfaction in the future.


  • — Information regarding all customer visits and transactions is stored in a separate database
  • — Reports are available in multiple formats allowing them to be easily presented in a browser, an email attachment or exported to other applications
  • — A built-in analysis tool allows you to drill down into the complete data set, which provides a better understanding of the values presented in the reports.
  • — Role based authentication gives the users access to the right level of information, while a wide range of graphs is supported to help visualise information and make it quick and easy to understand.


  • — Drive operational excellence with support of vital data from your operations
  • — Put information in the hands of your staff for fast decision making. Provide them with smart business applications.
  • — Easily integrate to third party BI tools for additional analysis