Customer Feedback

The SaaS Customer Feedback solution gives Orchestra users a way to measure the customer experience and compare it with the data captured during the customer journey. It gives the customers a relaxed and safe way to provide feedback when it best suits them; immediately after the visit, on the journey back home or in the evening. There is no time limit and no hurry.

The feedback is provided from the mobile phone or from an email. No apps and hassle with any codes, just click and answer.

Continuous feedback motivates employees and helps them maintain a high level of service. Also, a higher customer satisfaction generates a positive impact on the customer experience and loyalty. Management can always be sure that the service promise is fulfilled in each business unit.

When selecting a customer feedback solution from Trica you get a seamless integration with other relevant data from the customer’s journey, such as waiting time, that is likely to have impacted the customer experience.

Survey questions can be tailored specifically for your customer base and can include a variety of question types. Questions can take the form of a scale comprised of 2-5 smileys that help gauge customer satisfaction, yes/no questions that allow for binary responses, NPS scales from 1-10 for a more granular rating, or free text answers for customers to provide more specific feedback.



A feedback solution from Trica features an approachable, intuitive design that can be branded to fit with your company’s existing aesthetic. The entire UI, including the icons used for smileys can be altered to suit your needs. The feedback solution also offers full language support, including right-to-left, and support for survey pages in different languages depending on the customer’s browser language.

With the SaaS Customer Feedback solution customers can provide their experience of the customer journey. All that is needed is that the customer is identified and there is a phone number or an email address connected to the customer id in Orchestra.

The Customer Feedback solution integrates into Orchestra via the API Gateway to ensure that the communication with Orchestra is done in a controlled and secure way.



  • — Send link to survey in a text message or an email
  • — Analysis features to analyze the feedback result together with journey data
  • — Possible to combine customer feedback with other relevant data from the system


  • — Quick feedback enables an efficient response on a regional and unit level
  • — Feedback data is stored together with the rest of the data from the customer journey
  • — The feedback data is a way to ensure that the service promise is fulfilled in the unit network every day