Self Service Kiosks

self service kiosksThe ability to be agile in supply makes Qmatic able to adapt to the needs in the market and change their product line to follow client demands.

Although we believe that we have the best-suited self-service kiosks in the market to support your need, our enterprise software allows you to easily integrate any other type of modern self-service kiosk.

Integrating self-service kiosks throughout your locations helps customers quickly mange tasks like checking in for an appointment, and keeps them informed about where to go, what to do, or how long to wait.

Your environment works more efficiently, the transition from online to onsite is seamless, and everybody knows what to do.

You can extend applicability by adding card, barcode or QR code, or other readers to the units. The systems are based on the fast, secure Linux system, reducing technical worries and cost. All kiosks are designed for low power consumption to support true enterprise operations with a minimum footprint and the lowest possible TCO.

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  • — A range of self-service kiosks covering the need for most situations
  • — Hardware and software engineered to work together
  • — Well-defined integration points in our enterprise software to third party kiosks
  • — Linux operating systems (Windows XP on request)
  • — Multiple options included; e.g. card reader, bar code reader, camera, network printer
  • — Supports all languages
  • — Smart options for mounting: floor, table and wall


  • — Qmatic manufacture everything and have daily and instant quality control procedures
  • — Qmatic guarantee functionality and long-term operations
  • — Qmatic guarantee functionality and long-term operations
  • — Modern design and multiple options to fit it into your environment
  • — Built to last in customer intensive environments