Mobile Ticket


The mobile ticket allows customers to queue and monitor their place in line using their mobile phone. The mobile ticket can be offered to customers in one or several of the following ways:

By integrating the mobile ticket solution into their webpage, clients can give their customers the possibility to get in line for a service before arriving at a location. The customer will be presented with available nearby branches and services at a selected branch including number of waiting customers, before taking a ticket.

An SMS with a link to the mobile ticket can be sent to the customer either from a staff member or from a kiosk where the customer enters his/her phone number

A QR-code presented on the kiosk (or elsewhere in the branch) can be scanned to generate the ticket, allowing customer to access the ticket without having to give out personal information (such as phone number)

A QR-code on the printed ticket can be scanned to open the mobile ticket so that the customer can keep track of their place in line

The mobile ticket solution integrates into Orchestra via the API Gateway to ensure that the communication with Orchestra is done in a controlled and secure way.


mobile ticket interface