Orchestra Concierge


orchestra concierge iconEmpower your mobile workforce and create better first impressions to ensure high quality, personalized customer experiences with smart business apps from Qmatic. Orchestra Concierge is an efficient app for in-branch staff associates that welcome customers to a location. The solution gives hosts not only the ability to greet customers, but to do so specific to whether the customer wants to book an appointment, has an appointment for which they are checking in, or if they are a walk-in who needs direction or want to stand in line for a service. Your mobile workforce becomes more productive by having information at their fingertips that make it easier to provide great customer service.

orchestra concierge interface

With Orchestra Concierge you can seamlessly check-in customers with appointments or create visits on the fly for walk-in customers, all while capturing valuable data for actionable business intelligence generation. Checked-in customers can receive a physical and/or mobile ticket and can be contacted with ease using email and SMS communication. Orchestra Concierge can easily be customized in order to align with your brand.