Orchestra Connect


Put customer information in the hands of your mobile workforce so that they can personalize the meeting.
Increase the customer experience by connecting with your customers on their terms.
Increase mobile workforce utilization and situational awareness through the use of notifications.
Provide more flexible working conditions for your mobile workforce.


Orchestra Connect IconOrchestra Connect App

Orchestra Connect is a smart business app from Qmatic for mobile devices. It is used for serving customers and allows for higher customer satisfaction scores by allowing your mobile workforce to attend customers on the floor, where they are and on their terms instead of behind a counter.


orchestra connect interface


Introducing: The Widget

Widget ExampleWhen you want to call the next Customer, or do a Walk Direct, in a quick way, the Orchestra Connect Widget is a good solution for you!

• Accessed directly on lock screen on Android devices
• Displayed by default on Android devices
• Needs to be manually added to iOS devices
• Accessed by 3D-touch on newer iOS phones (no settings needed!)

The Orchestra Connect Widget includes the most commonly used actions in a useful, streamlined interface.

Call & Serve screen widgets




Feature Highlights

  • — Call and serve customers
  • — Monitor the current service situation
  • — Transfer customers to other queues
  • — Notifications to alert mobile workforce
  • — Record the results of visits for later analysis
  • — Widget on lock screen for instant access
  • — Use a Flic-button to call and serve customers
  • — Possibility to customize and align with your brand
  • — Integrated mobile display to call customers forward
  • — Reminders for staff about current campaigns
  • — Easy to access – easy to use